Photogrammetry Breakdown

September 1, 2016
  • TaskThesis: 3D Photogrammetry with drone images for the further use in VFX This bachelor thesis is about the usage of modern camera drones for close range photogrammetry regarding the further use in visual effects. It tries to answer the question of what needs to be considered for contactless photogrammetry measurement.Due to the insights of a previous test project, the former airport tower in Munich-Riem will be surveyed by a cameradrone from different perspectives. Further the advantages of dronephotogrammetry regarding photorealistic visualisation and reproduction of the tower are illustrated. During the progress of the work it will be shown which problems can occur while creating the necessary geometry and which aspects should be taken into consideration when working on a special effect shot. Based on an appropriate workflow, all necessary stages of a VFX-production will be explained. The goal is to take the dronephotogrammetry out of the common use and explain the advantages in respect of creating photorealistic geometry. A produced special effect shot will be integrated in real film footage. The result of this thesis aims to show that this kind of approach could be beneficial for the media industry and an authentic VFX shot is possible due to a lot of preproduction and a good eye for details. Worked with: 3dsmax, Vray, RayFire, FumeFX, SynthEyes, Photomodeler, PS, AE